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Tom Neely is a painter and cartoonist living in Los Angeles. He is best known for the cult-hit indie comic book Henry & Glenn Forever, which he created with his artist collective The Igloo Tornado (voted LA Weekly’s Best People in LA 2011).

Neely's art has been featured in galleries in California and New York, in dozens of magazines and literary journals and on album covers. His debut graphic novel, The Blot, earned him an Ignatz Award and made it onto several of the industry’s Best of 2007 lists as well as The Comics Journal’s Best Graphic Novels of the decade 2000-10.

He authored the Melvins comic book Your Disease Spread Quick and a collection of comic strip poems called Brilliantly Ham-Fisted, and the painted novel The Wolf.

The story of Henry & Glenn continues in the collected Henry & Glenn Forever & Ever, including over 50 artists curated by Neely is currently selling out everywhere. He recently wrapped up the cult-hit Image Comics mini-series, The Humans, as artist and co-creator with writer Keenan Marshall Keller.

Neely is currently working on his third graphic novel, The Devil.